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Raid Charter

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Wrathchild Raid Charter

The goal of Wrathchild within raiding is to provide a fun, yet successful raid environment. We are also committed to the progress of our raids, which means there will be wipes, and there will be clean ups. Do not become discouraged over a bad night of raids. We are here to gain experience and become more successful in our future raiding endeavors.

Raiding Guidelines
-These must be followed by all raid members, including leaders and officers, on any raid.
- Mumble is REQUIRED. You can download it from http://mumble.sourceforge.net. The information is in the guild tab, under guild information. You need to have a microphone in order to be a Wrath Raider. Top tier raids require the ability to effectively communicate interrupts, range issues, and the sundry of other things that can potentially wipe a raid.
- DBM or BigWigs is required or a version of similar capability.
- Be prepared with buffs and gear. Your gear needs to be repaired, and you need to have food buffs, pots, and elixirs at hand before the raid starts.
- Be on time. Be on the character that is going to the raid that night approximately 5 minutes before invites go out for the raid.
- If you are on standby, please be online at time of invites, and stay on until the raid starts, or you are told you will not be needed. If you are on standby and are needed, yet are not on, you are still considered a no-show.
- Be attentive to the raid leader and what is going on. You are to follow the raid leaders instructions at all times while in the raid.
- Most importantly, be respectful to all raid members no matter who they are. Multiple trips away from your computer effects the whole raid and you can be removed and replaced if need be.

Signing up for a Raid / Selections

On the Wrathchild website, there is a Calendar in which all raids are posted, and in which you can sign up for them. Raids are on a weekly schedule as of the Cata, in which we will schedule certain nights to certain raids. If you intend on partaking in a raid, you must sign up. It is asked that you sign up for raids at least 1 week in advance. We understand there are circumstances in which you are not able to know when you are able to raid, in which we do require at least the night before for a sign up to be assigned. Characters will be assigned to raids at least 1 night prior to a raid. There may be a case in which characters are assigned and the raid is filled more than a day in advance. It is up to you to check the night before to find out if you are assigned. (on occasion it is day of, however this is not normally the case).

Selections are based off of several important factors. It is important that you do not take it personally if you are not selected to a raid. Often a raid leader has to choose 6 DPS from a list of more than 10. Selections are based off of classes needed, gear levels needed to make the raid successful, previous week's raids, and any outstanding penalties on a character.



Wrathchild is currently raiding Firelands with the occassional BOT 10, BWD 10 and BH 10s. Keep an eye on the raid calendar! Any changes to the raid times/dates are at the Raid Leaders discretion.

Raid gear / Buffs / Add-Ons

There are also add-ons that are absolutely required for raids. Some have already been touched upon, but here is a complete list of the add ons you will need for any raid. Not having one of these can result in your termination from a raid.


- Deadly Boss Mods.
- Ventrilo: (ability to listen only required)
- Omen, Bigwigs or some form of aggro monitoring addon.
- Healbot/Clique/Grid: for any class that can heal.
- Pally power: (buff addon, obviously for paladins)

Recommended Mods

-GTFO: (audible alarm if you are standing in the wrong place, or say- in fire)
-Ratingbuster: (helps to decide if you are unsure if something is a big UG or not)
-Recount: Lets you know HOW you are doing, dps or hps wise during boss fights
-Cooldowns: puts a countdown timer on your toolbars for your spells/specials
-Decursive: one click dispel addon


Gear is a major component of successful raids. After all, that is the reason why you are here in a raid, new and awesome gear for your characters. There are certain item level limits in which you need to reach to enter these raids, (which are reviewed by raid leaders and used as one of several conditions for raid selection), all of which differs and scales. There are a few universal rules though for gear:

Uncommon - Green
Rare - Blue
Epic - Purple

- Gems: Your gear, no matter rare or epic, needs to be gemmed if it has the slots for the gems. We do not require you to put rare or epic gems, but there needs to be a gem in the socket. We have many max level gem cutters within the guild in which you can find to assist you. There will be no exceptions to this.

- Enchanting: Any rare or epic piece of gear NEEDS to be enchanted. Again, we do not require the top end enchants, but if you have anything that can benefit from an enchant, you NEED to have some form of enchant on it. The guild currently has roughly 10 ppl with maxed enchanting and high level enchants (including officer alts).

We also would like you to have no pieces of uncommon gear before you begin raiding, but also understand sometimes it is just difficult to find certain pieces (i.e. trinkets, wands, relics), but with the new ZA, ZG and heroics it is more a matter of putting in the time and effort to get them.

- Food Buffs: Food buffs are manditory for any boss fight. When fighting trash mobs, a food buff is not required though is recommended.

- Flasks/Elixirs/potions; These are [I]required, again, for Boss fights. You are not required to have these for trash mobs.

Intellect, Spirit, Strength,Stamina and Agility Flasks and the like are expensive, as are healing and mana potions, but there are many people in the guild that can help you in the crafting of these items.


All raid loot is distributed by Suicide Kings. If you're familiar with SK, great. If not, the way it works is like a big list. You're put on the bottom of the list when entering the raid for the first time and as people win items they get transferred to the bottom of the list.
So, lets say you're 3rd and I'm 1st on the list and a piece drops we both want. We both we both do a "/w <loot master> bid". I would win it being on the top of the list but then I would move down to 80th or whatever the bottom may be. Loot is always mains over alts, although a guild member may be allowed to roll as main if they were specifically asked to NOT bring their main and bring a different char because of raid make up (ie. healers or tanks needed).

If no mains bid, then it is open for off spec. Off specs gear must be approved by the Raid leader as true offspec gear. Use of offspec gear for main spec will lead to an immediate Suicide on the list.


Pugging is frowned upon within Wrathchild [i]unless :

1.) You know for a fact you will not be able to make it to any of the raids on our raiding schedule.
2.) A raid you want to run is not scheduled on our calendar for that week.

Guild Bank Repairs

The rank Wrath Guardian and up have the ability to use a set amount from the Guild Bank a day, to help with repairs. This is subject to change! The amount will go up and down depending on the amount of money going into the bank vs. the money being taken out. If this is abused in any way I, as the guild leader, have the right to suspend this privilege completely for any period of time that I see fit.

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