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Guild Charter

Guild Leader:


Wrathchild Guild Charter

This guild is governed by responsible adults. Everyone's opinion matters and any idea that is constructive and with intentions to move the guild forward, or fun will not be dismissed.
Wrathchild guild has regrouped due to popular demand of its original members who appreciated, wanted and needed the fun atmosphere provided by the guild as well as all the ideas, opportunities and camaraderie we all shared. I believe that is what makes this guild so special and sets it apart from so many other guilds in that we respect one another, trust one another, and help each other to accomplish all manner of things in game.

You can expect to enjoy a great atmosphere, where we always promote, honor, respect, friendship, loyalty and opportunity to advance to become a decision maker within the guild, and a relaxed but focused game experience.
1. Level 85’s - can expect to participate in all the high end game content.
2. Levels below lvl 85 – can expect to be motivated to level up to 85, do instances, raids, get help with difficult quest and all around camaraderie.
3. PvP – we currently have several arena teams running, but are looking to expand our PvP list of participants for all the battlegrounds, rated battlegrounds, arenas and raids.
4. Guild events – we will be scheduling our guild events around times where we can get maximum participation from all guildies at all levels. Though guild events are not mandatory, they will be a guiding influence for guild promotions, bank awards, etc. The guild events are always a great time, and will be heavily pushed for participation.
5. Crafting assistance – ask any guildie for help on any crafting items needed, or how to level a craft. Wrathchild contains lots of 525 crafters.
6. Promotions – promotions will be awarded on determination of guild participation and membership drives, guild mate assistance, and grand ole honesty, and willingness to help others as determined by the guild officers. Please see Guild Promotions for more information on promotions and ranks.

The main focus of the guild is to promote a fun gaming experience with good friends while still accomplishing high end game content. We also stress the importance of having fun while playing this game, but not addiction. If for some reason you are not having fun, please do not be afraid to speak up.

Our forums are the heart of our Guild and need to be checked frequently to keep up with the current schedule and other on goings within the guild. This is not to say that "fun posting will not be accepted. If you find a squirrel doing the chicken dance, by all means post it. Anything to make anyone laugh is always appreciated.

Upon joining this guild, you agree to follow the guidelines listed below.
1) Be a respectful and honest member of the guild, and contribute when other members need help.
2) Act in a mature manner, and solve disputes quietly and appropriately. Any dispute presented in a public manner (Guild Chat, WoW forums, IRC, ETC.) will result in an immediate review of guild membership. If a personal dispute cannot be resolved, an officer will be assigned to resolve it without prejudice.
3) Remain current with guild events and activities. It is your decision if you wish to attend every Raid. However, it is expected that you at least read the guild forums so that you remain informed of our guild progress and be up to date with any current and relevant information you may need if called upon for assistance in any way.
4) Treat other guilds and guild members with respect. But, if a non-guild member threatens you in any way, you may deal with it as you see fit. Keep in mind the reputation of your guild mates when doing so.
5) To have a good time, make some jokes, be polite, make new friends and invite them to join us here in Wrathchild, participate in guild events, raids, etc.
6) Applying to any other guild, while still a member of Wrathchild will not be tolerated. If you feel the need to apply to another guild then you clearly show that you do not want to be a part of Wrathchild. If you leave the guild, ALL your toons will be going with you. This is solely based on loyalty to the guild. If you know of another guild mate who has applied to another guild while still a member of Wrathchild, you are obligated to inform a guild officer. Toons below level 80 and bank alts are the only exceptions.

Wrathchild uses Mumble. It is a private server owned and operated by one of our members. Misuse of Mumble or agitating members will be dealt with as officers and the owners see fit. The use of the server is for:

1) Wrathchild guild members during guild raids
2) Wrathchild guild members in a group/party
3) Wrathchild officers conducting recruiting interviews
4) Outsiders who are IN a group/party with a Wrathchild member
5) Wrathchild members to socialize with other guild members
6) Battlefield/First-person shooter games IN the Battlefield Channel

Be aware that when you give out the info to someone outside the guild, you are taking responsibility for that person and their conduct. The Mumble server is locked down to prevent silliness that affects members.

You must be registered by an officer in order to fully use Mumble. Failure to do so limits your ability to do a whole lot in the server, including speak.

From the GM of this guild, you can expect the following:
1) The GM will faithfully be up to date on all guild activities, scheduling and monitoring of website.
2) The GM will monitor all guild related matters and address any behavior, attitudes, or other matter not satisfactorily addressed by the officers.
3) The GM is not a dictator and will not be the sole decision maker on guild matters. That would occupy too much of my time and places too much responsibility on one person.
4) The GM can and will participate in the officer forums / discussions / raids and decisions on all guild matters / veterans to officer status. I will be a voting member of events related to all other guild issues.
5) The GM will uphold this office with the highest degree of diligence and integrity, and will uphold all decisions by the guild officers. Again, the guild officers will be the day to day decision makers of Wrathchild Guild.
6) The GM will be held accountable to my actions, deeds, and responsibilities to the guild officers, members and veterans.
7) The GM will be a voting member of any officer review or decision.

An officer of this guild, agrees to follow the guidelines listed below.
1) All guild related matters must be your main priority.
2) You must handle guild loots with utmost importance, dignity, and honesty.
3) Officers must use discretion when dealing with any matters involving guild members, or any matter that may arise that is crucial to the guild's health.
4) Officers must come to a unanimous agreement when a guild matter is to be resolved and be in contact with other officer's frequently.
5) The guild officers will be responsible for tracking veterans / members for promotions and awards from guild bank. They must select a member or members from within their ranks to perform this task. That member / veteran then must be notified and given appropriate permissions, task and agree to the terms in the guild charter in regards to his / her new rank.
6) No guild officer shall promote / demote members in the guild by playing around, pranks, snafu’s, or due to a quick decision to show his abilities.
7) The guild officers will be afforded the same respect and dignity of office due the GM or any other guild mate. The guild officer’s majority decisions are irreversible and will not be reconsidered by the GM.
8) A Guild officer can not be a member of any other guild on Kargath server on Horde side except for low level bank guilds and must be a participating member for guild events when logged in to WoW.

Veteran's infomittee:
The purpose of this infomittee is to reinforce our idea of a guild democracy. Guild members who have proven to be helpful to others and dedicated to the guild will be rewarded with veteran status. Veterans will have the responsibility of being leaders as well as advisers to recruits. This status is an honor and should be treated as such.
As a Wrath Guardian, you must keep in contact with officers and participate in guild voting on critical decisions as often as possible.
As a Wrath Guardian, you represent our core players, our reason as a guild to exist, and you can expect a fair representation from the officers and GM. It is incumbent upon our core players (veterans) to display a positive attitude to the WoW world and be our recruiters to fill our ranks. Be positive and supportive of our raid leaders during raids, and be the watchful sentry against bad behavior by our officers, members and other veteran players.
It is imperative that our veterans support our guild functions, be informed about our guild activities and participate within the guild, and offer guidance when possible.
A majority vote from the Veteran's infomittee regarding Guild Policy and/or Officer activity will result in a review and possible change of policy by Officers and GM.

Wrathchild Guild Bank and Received Loot
Any materials and/or equipment required to craft items must be requested via forums. (This includes Enchants) You will be mailed the requested items and the crafter will be your choice. This is to keep Guild Farming efficient and to make sure the drops are distributed evenly.
All BOE Epic items received on raids MUST be distributed amongst attending guild members. Any BOE item that cannot be used by an attending class will be held in the Guild Bank. Said items will be distributed in a manner consistent with the guild policy to deserving and participating guild members either through competitions, events, promotions etc.

Guild bank items not useful or wanted by guild members may be sold on the AH or to other non-guild members for guild efficiency at times and days to be announced on guild forums by Guild Bank representative.

About Raids
To be successful and efficient in our raids, Having Mumble installed and ready to go is REQUIRED. Even if you do not have a microphone, just hearing what's going on is essential.
Please contact an officer or a veteran if you have any questions regarding our Ventrilo server.
Raid schedules will be posted weekly and based on guild / player needs by the guild raid leaders.
Lower Tier Instances will be scheduled on a rotating basis and will be informal but posted on our guild website. Items from these instances will be on a Need before Greed basis.

Rank Structure
1 ) Guild Master = the GM is responsible for observing guild policy and regulations and enforcing those policys and regulations. The GM is responsible for the conduct of all members of the guild and will act accordingly. The GM is responsible for appointing members for special events, functions or ambassadorial duties. The GM is responsible for the guild charter in getting it published. The GM is responsible to the Officers and Veterans for his actions and deeds. The GM will not be a one person shop for all responsibilities, as they will be shared by the guild officers. If an officer is not pulling his share of the workload, it is the GM who will address the issue and confront the officers to take remedial action if they have not done so on their own.
2) Guild Officers = These members decide guild policy, promote, demote, officer channel privileges, edit GMOTD, edit notes etc. Same privileges as GM. Officers are primarily responsible for guild policy, promotions, demotions, and scheduling of guild functions.
3) Raid Leaders = simply they are the leaders of our raids. They are expected to be knowledgeable of all the raid content, control spoken conversations during raids, defined as the people responsible for scheduling, selecting, and conducting our raids. They are responsible for knowing the instances, boss fights, strategies etc and being capable of leading successfully a raid through any scheduled instance., be responsible in handling of loot and assigning of DKP.
4) Role Lead = model for specific roles: tank, heals, ranged and melee. They may assist raid leaders and lead those in their role.
5) Wrath Guardians = Core players with voting privileges on guild policy. Officer members are chosen from this rank. A positive role person for others in guild to look up to, approachable by other guild mates for advice, mentoring, participates regularly in guild functions, recruits other players into guild via application process, attends and voices concerns and ideas to officers, attends and votes on guild policies. Ask for and manages additional task for guild, i.e. guild bank, raid leader, class leader etc. Are automatically members of infomittee.
6) Wrath Raiders = Core players with voting privileges on guild policy. Officers and Raid leaders are chosen from this rank. Although primarily focused on progression raiding, rank is expected to assist other guild members with spec/toon information when asked, and mentoring.
7) Initiates = New members striving for Wrath Guardian or Wrath Raider membership, participates regularly in guild functions, interacts with guild mates, assist others often when asked, displays positive manner and attitude for all to see. (Probationary period)
encouraged to participate in guild functions.
(8) Officer Alts = Self explainitory
(9) Wrath Alts = Alts of our current guild membership.


When A Main and Their Alts Leave the Guild

If you leave the guild but want to come back, the officers must get together and review your case.

-If all officers agree you deserve a second chance, you will be invited back.
-If the officers are not in agreement, you will be going on a 3 month probationary period. After the 3 month probationary period, the officers once again review your case. Serving the 3 month probationary does not automatically mean you are allowed back into the guild.
-If all of the officers agree that you do not deserve to come back into the guild we will tell you and that will be that.

We will not tolerate people coming in and out of the guild as if there is a revolving door. Each time you leave, the chances of you coming back become slimmer and slimmer.

Toon Inactivity Time

Inactivity time before /gkick. These inactivity times do not apply to people that have informed a guild officer that they would be away for an extended amount of time.

Alts lower than level 50: 1 Month
Mains (rank Wrath Raider through Wrath Guardian) and Alts: 3 Months (situation dependant)

Also, we ask before you bring your alt into the guild, please have it at level 20. As we are a very large guild, and there is a membership cap, we ask if you do not plan on playing a toon, take it out or ask a guild officer to remove it for you.

Any and all requests for any items/help MUST be posted in the forums. This does not apply to asking for help on quest while in zone or etc. This is mainly for request for dungeons, items for crafting etc. Our general rule for Guild bank is that we will supply you with half the mats you need, if the request is made for a MAIN toon. Requests made for alts are at the officer's disgression.
Guild spam will NOT be tolerated.
Selling items via Guild Chat is prohibited.
Our hope is that you will help out your fellow guild mate by simply giving them needed items or donating it to the Guild bank.
Rules are subject to change with notification of change in the message of the day.

** The charter is subject to change as the Officers and Veteran's infomittee see fit.

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