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Wrath Raider

Guild Rank: Wrath Raider

What is a Wrath Raider?

A Wrath Raider is a player dedicated to raiding progression. These members are seeking end game content that is current and are in or joining Wrathchild with their primary focus towards progression. They understand Wrathchild is not hardcore: rather, we excel at being the fun folks who know and truly enjoy current raiding content and have fun getting there. Looking to boost or stroke an ego? We're not the guild for you. Our Guild Charter will give you an idea of our culture.

A Wrath Raider is also committed to ALL members and the guild as a whole: our banner is worn by a number of veterans of military and mature adults across all spectrums of life. In game, we are looking for fun, supportive, non-elitist folks who want to play a game, meet nice folks and clear raids. A Wrath Raider respects and supports all members of the guild without a focus on ranks.

How do I become a Wrath Raider?

If you are currently in the guild as any rank, feel free to let an officer know. You will be reviewed by a panel for the qualities detailed below. Depending on the panel's experience raiding with you, we may be able to make a decision with or without a test run.
If you are not presently in Wrathchild, apply to the guild with the character you plan to use for raiding. Using incorrect names makes reviewing your application harder, slower and the officers just plain unhappy. Please provide detailed information in your application: this gives us a clearer idea of who you are, your background, and experience. We are looking for good people who are willing to learn: while an extensive raiding background helps, it is by no means required. We may be recruiting specific classes/roles at the time--even if you're not in that list, feel free to toss in your hat.

What can I expect as a Wrath Raider?

A Wrath Raider is a core member of a progression team. While no slots are guaranteed, progression runs will pull from these members first, provided the right conditions are in place. These members will help fill a number of runs, from our end-game progression boss, heroic modes, and farm-status runs. Our goal and intent as a large guild is to provide our membership an array of runs: a Wrath Raider is instrumental in helping to create this experience.

A Wrath Raider also understands Wrathchild is an extremely diverse guild. We also do guild events, PVP, endless banter in vent in our Lounge Room, and a host of other things. We are among the first of the guilds to reach Horde Side Guild Level 25 and intend to continue to grow and support guild leveling and achievements. As a Wrath Raider, you are a part of the membership and team.

What does Wrathchild expect from a Wrath Raider?

1. Teamwork--As a member of our Raiding team, you must play well with others. There will be times that we will bang our heads against a boss: the ability to laugh makes the experience fun and not frustrating. While you are not expected to "break bread" with every member of the raiding team, a Wrath Raider can put aside any differences while in a raid to perform duties that impact our guild's raiding as a whole.

2. Respect for Raid Leaders--While in a raid, our raid leaders are in charge. They will do approvals in the manner they see best fit; determine, alter and direct strategy; provide feedback to the raid on performance, improvements and needs in a constructive manner; and help officers understand the needs of membership to this rank they see. A Wrath Raider understands the different styles of leadership and can work accordingly. Further, the Wrath Raider provide feedback to the Raid Leader in a manner that is respectful to the group--using tells/raid chat if the raid leader has asked vent to be cleared, providing any solicited verbal cues if requested by the raid leader (such as calling out interrupts), and respecting the Raid Leader's right/need to call folks out if such is needed.

3. Awareness--Raiding in WoW continues to expand the situational awareness needed by players. A Wrath Raider should be equipped to run the majority of a fight without being told to move from fire, interrupt, etc. They should know the key abilities that pertain to their role and what a scripted response should be when that action occurs (interrupting, moving from fire, using CC, taunt swapping, etc). Key distractions (television, FaceBook, etc) are suspended while in a raid. Taking unnecessary damage can affect the raid and a Wrath Raider knows what can be avoided and how to do so.

4. Comprehensive understanding of the raiding character--You should know your raiding class inside and out in the role you play. It's not just about maximum output; but secondary abilities such as interrupts, defensive abilities, stuns, CC, bloodlusts, situational healing (tranquility from feral druids) and mana regen abilities that will push our raid over the cusp of a difficult boss fight. Movement is becoming a key factor in a number of fights and the ability to perform your role should reasonably be able to adapt to these demands.

5. Flexibility & Respect--There will be times when we will post a "Progression Raid" and have to change it into a farm status/regular run due to signups, emergent time constraints, members playing a secondary role/character, etc. We expect our membership to have the ability to adapt to the dynamic nature of our raiding environment. We are not hardcore--our goal is to provide a raiding experience as a component of our guild: some members choose to make that a key component while others may only want to dip their toes in sporadically. We hope to create an environment where all types can thrive.

6. The ability to bring the character the raid needs--ideally, this will be your main. Even if it's geared and you want to bring your new (rockin') alt, the raid leaders have 9 or 24 other people who: need gear, want to experience content, may not be (over-) geared enough to heal/carry your alt. If your alt is needed and able to be used, the raid leader will tell you: please do not ask or expect us to bring an alt to a run.

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